CSC Funk Band

Text: Ryu Takahashi / Photo: Txuca

While Brooklyn's DIY scene continues to produce a great deal of psychedelic/noise/punk/electro bands, CSC Funk Band blazed onto the scene literally playing straight up funk music.

Led by guitarist Colin Langenus, formerly one-half of legendary prog-noise duo USA is a Monster, CSC Funk Band randomly started one night as just a jam band at a loft party in Brooklyn and was later joined by more music pros like Jimmy Thomson, a drummer and the owner of label Electric Cowbell. Not even having a consistent band name for a while, the CSC Funk Band gradually stocked up their repertoire and landed on a sudden deal with Fat Beats Records, a well-known Hip Hop label and released their debut album Things are Getting Too Casual.

Despite their passive promotion (literally Facebook only), this 11-piece (sometime less, depending on when you catch them) eclectic collective continues to actively perform all around Brooklyn, and they certainly have a unique special presence in the ‘scene'. They probably don't even give a damn about the ‘scene'.

For this year's Record Store Day on April 21st, they are releasing "A Little Weight," a 7″ record inspired by some classic Gang Starr beats which they recorded after performing with MC Masta Ace in 2011.


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