PERISCOPE is an iPad based publication with a focus on old school storytelling. PERISCOPE stories are always about people, because whether the topic is art, fashion, music or anything, the most powerful stories are the personal ones. Behind ground breaking ideas and movements, there are always intimate stories about people.

When the emergence of mobile interactive devices, especially iPad, renewed our desire to create our own magazine, we thought long and hard about what constituted a good magazine. In this day and age, where an overwhelming amount of information and imageries are flashed upon us, a magazine experience that resembles a journey is harder to find. While you can take a virtual trip to anywhere in the world instantly on your monitor, the magazine experience has become more about the information and less about the art of storytelling.

With this new device, we could synthesize traditional elements of magazines, texts and still images, and new elements like sound and moving images. Furthermore, we can ask subjects to participate and express themselves using this media as a multi-dimensional canvas. In all, we could expand the idea of the magazine and redefine the space.

While making the 0 issue, we realized people are like prisms--multi-dimensional. For example, Tim Hetherington, who was killed in Libya in April 2011 while covering the country’s civil war, told his stories through multiple media. He was an artist, photojournalist, image maker and many other things to a lot of people. Another subject, Raquel Nave,is a model, visual artist, teenage runaway, ex addict, and recently, a mother. All these different elements make these people and their stories one of a kind.

The fact that PERISCOPE is multi-dimensional helps us tell the story of someone like Nave from different angles. While people who are featured in PERISCOPE are often artists and established figures, we strive to tell the stories that anybody can share and relate to. You don't have to be famous to tell a story because every one of us has a story to tell.

WEB PERISCOPE is a showcase of who we find fascinating, what we are excited about, and what we believe in. Our mission is to explore people's motivations and inspirations, identify the work that falls into backs between genres and categories, and examine how creative expressions reflect the time we live in and what art can do in society. We hope the collection of stories on the web will function as a gateway to the iPad version of PERISCOPE.

Editor-in-Chief, Co-founder/Principal
Yumiko Sakuma
Director, Co-founder/Principal
Yu Yamaguchi
Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder/Principal
Ports Bishop
Art Direction & Application Development and Design
Kaie Murakami and Simone Inc.
Logo design
Ryotatsu Tanaka
Project Manager
Glenn Lovrich
Video Director/ Editor
Yuichi Uchida
Video Supervisor
Aaron Neits
Copy Editor
Mary Roma
Sebastian Paulson
Contributors (Alphabetical)
Ashley Davidson
Momoko Ikeda
Brandon Joyce
Ryu Takahashi

Contact: ask@wearetheperiscope.com

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